Image is a 3D rendering of the product based on the CAD file.
I created the model + maps (normal/height/albedo) in Blender + Adobe Substance Designer/Painter

S. E. Detweiler
Milwaukee Based - 3D Rendering & Product Photography.
(262) 372.2001‬

I am a full-time professional photographer specializing in product and portrait photography. My work has garnered several awards, including the prestigious 2019 Photographer of the Year at Shutterfest and the 2019 GIA Award from the PPA International Print Competition.
I offer my services on a project basis, covering traditional product photography as well as 3D asset and material creation. You can find my work prominently displayed on packaging at many major retailers.
In my projects, I leverage a variety of tools to achieve high-quality results.
I use Adobe Substance Designer and Substance Painter, along with Photoshop to create realistic parametric textures with subtle variation and believability. My experience with Pixologic ZBrush also allows me the freedom to create intricate, high-poly meshes without being constrained by traditional polygonal modeling limitations. This flexibility is crucial for quickly brainstorming ideas and refining designs in extreme detail.
I have a long history in the 3D realm, starting in 1991 in the corrections and healthcare vertical markets using tools like MicroStation. I have since transitioned my workflow to Blender for polygonal modeling as well as Unreal for animations and environmental studies.
Please note that due to NDA agreements, much of my project work is only available for viewing in person.